"Elevate Your Career: Your Guide to Mastering Clinical Trials for New Medicines"

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Discover the power of knowledge with our clinical trials workbook – a comprehensive guide designed to demystify the intricate world of clinical trials for new medicines. Whether you’re aiming for a career advancement or planning a complete transition, our workbook is meticulously designed to give you a deep understanding of all key aspects. You’ll gain mastery over industry-specific terminology, learn about critical regulations and ethical considerations, acquire valuable project management skills, and understand data collection and interpretation in a research context. Our workbook is more than just a guide – it’s your passport to a successful career.

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Delve into a wide array of topics, starting from the basics of clinical trials, through understanding the different phases, data management, project planning and execution, regulatory compliance, to mastering the industry jargon. Each chapter is designed to build your understanding progressively, preparing you to excel in your career.

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Our workbook is crafted by industry veterans who bring their extensive experience and expertise in the field. Their dedication to sharing knowledge and empowering professionals is reflected in each page, making this workbook a reliable resource for your career progression.

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Antonia Markova

Contracts and Proposals Coordinator

As a new hire I initially struggled to understand the different types of clinical trials, their specifics, project stages, the different roles within the study project management team, the processes, as well as the established language filled with jargon and abbreviations. This book stands as an indispensable tool and guide for your effective onboarding and career progression. 

Desislava Konstantinova

Sr. RFI Developer

There is no other course book or training that offers such a detailed overview of the clinical research industry. Whether you are an experienced clinical study expert or a newcomer, you will undoubtedly learn a lot!

Hristina Konstantinova

Head Nurse

Lecturer at Medical University – Varna

The Guideline on Clinical Trials will be incredibly helpful for any medical student or young professional aiming to start their careers in in the field of clinical research or as a member of a study team in a research center. It places significant emphasis on various factors crucial for successful project management, adherence to ethical guidelines and participants’ rights, as well as the generation of credible and statistically valid study data.

Milena Vasileva


A close friend of mine is employed at a CRO company and is extremely pleased with the working conditions there. Therefore, I am also considering starting, but I had concerns about lacking the necessary prior experience. However, this training has cleared my doubts and made me feel more confident.

Stefan Radev

PhD, PMP, Process and Governance Manager

I highly recommend this comprehensive Guideline on Clinical Trials. It is in-depth, expert-guided, and has the potential to transform your career outlook.

Vasil Dimitrov

Sr. Records Management Associate

As a clinical trial professional, I am highly specialized in my role as a Records Management expert. Thanks to the Guideline, I can now also grasp the big picture, encompassing all stakeholders and activities involved in initiating, conducting, and completing a clinical study.. 

39.00 € 19.00 €

The price increase after

Additional information about this workbook:

📌 Who is this workbook intended for?

This workbook is designed for anyone seeking to advance or transition their career in the healthcare or pharmaceutical industry, particularly in areas related to clinical trials.

📌 Do I need prior knowledge or experience in clinical trials to use this workbook?

No, our workbook is designed to accommodate both beginners and those with some experience in the field. It starts with fundamental concepts and progresses to more advanced topics.

📌 Is this workbook up-to-date with current regulations and practices?

Absolutely, this workbook is frequently updated to ensure it aligns with current regulations and industry best practices.

📌 How is the content of the workbook structured?

The workbook is structured into different modules, each focusing on a specific aspect of clinical trials, allowing for progressive learning.

📌 Does the workbook include practical exercises or case studies?

Yes, the workbook includes a mix of theory, practical exercises, and real-world case studies to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

📌 How can I access the workbook? Is it available in a physical format?

The workbook is available in digital format only. 

📌 What support is available if I have questions or need further clarification while using the workbook?

We provide ongoing support via email for any questions or clarifications. Our aim is to ensure you have a seamless learning experience.

📌 What if I am not satisfied with the workbook?

We have a return policy in place for any unsatisfied customers. Please refer to our return policy for further details.